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About Slork

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the demand for skilled IT professionals is higher than ever before. However, with technology evolving at an unprecedented rate, it can be challenging for professionals to keep up with the latest skills and knowledge required to succeed in the industry. This is where HykerSkiller comes in.

Slork aims to disrupt the skill development by brinings these unique model to the industry:

Provide skill development learner journeys based on intelligence that uses content and data from the Ecosystem.

Build a community of service providers for training, certifications and skill augmentation to be able to address a diverse space at rapid pace and scale.

Bring all three players in the industry together on a single platform, IT Services Companies, Practitioners and Technology Providers to harness the power of interdependence on each other.

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Slork provides a unique skill development platform and services based on an intelligence skills platform that brings IT companies, technology providers, and developers together.

We Offer Our Customers With

Unique Value Propositions

Next generation of skill development at rapid pace, at scale with efficiency requires 3 key players in the ecosystem to collaborate to work towards a common goal, that is to drive customer value fast! These three players are the Practitioners, IT Services Companies and Technology Providers.
We bring all three players on a single platform underpinned by Skills Intelligence. Skills Intelligence is curated data that provides Learning Journeys, Credentials and Skill Development & Practice Development Tools.

We complement the Skills Platform with skill development and skill augmentation services for IT Service Companies and Technology Providers. These services along with the Skills Platform provide a powerful solution to rapid skill development at scale.

Technology providers define the technology landscape today and provide content and credentials that authenticates practitioners of their skills. We intend to cover every major technology provider to bring authentic data, content and their promotions and campaigns to IT Service companies and Practitioners. Our partnerships with Technology providers also intend to help them build their practices in the IT ecosystem.

We believe today's skill development demands are diverse, fast changing and urgent in nature that it does not allow a single service provider to cater the entire market spectrum. Therefore we offer our services that leverage a striving ecosystem of many service providers, freelancers and small and boutique skill development companies. We believe this is the only way we can help the ecosystem in rapid skill development at scale.

We provide complete learning journeys, tools, and analytics to ensure that professionals can keep their skills up to date and stay ahead of the competition.

“One of the key benefits of our platform is the ability to connect with other professionals and industry experts. Our community features forums, discussions, and networking opportunities, enabling professionals to connect with peers and mentors to gain valuable insights and advice.”

In addition to the platform itself, our startup offers a range of services to support companies and professionals in their skill development journey. We offer consulting services to help companies identify the skills gaps in their workforce and develop tailored training programs. We also offer customized training solutions for individuals and teams to ensure that their learning experience is tailored to their specific needs.

Overall, our startup provides a comprehensive solution for IT companies and professionals looking to develop their skills and stay competitive in the ever-evolving technology industry. With our intelligence skills platform and range of services, we aim to bridge the skills gap and empower professionals to achieve their full potential.